Schlabbo 2 Info

You know Schlabo 1. You know it's cool. But there will be Schlabbo 2. (Great new feature - now with 2 "b"s as it's the second part of the series!).
32-bit, 16.7 million colors, 16-bit sound, a whole CD-ROM. So be prepared.

To get a first feeling what it will be like, look at these fantastic pictures.





It can only be Schlabbo 2 - scenes full of astonishing details...

You may ask what is Schlabbo 2 about. Schlabbo 2 is not a roll-and-kill game like Schlabo 1. It is a litte bit more philosophical: an adventure. But the story is the same: bad aliens attacking earth. The best stuff never changes.

You may ask when Schlabbo 2 will be released. Well, who knows? Only Schlabo knows, as usual.

If you know something you want to see in Schlabbo 2, tell us.

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