Download Schlabo 1

Thank you for downloading Schlabo 1. You are a nice person.

Some information:

  • Schlabo 1 has been programmed just for fun. Nobody can guarantee that the program will work on your machine. Please report possible bugs!
  • Schlabo 1 was designed in Austria. People there speak German, so the translation of Schlabo may be full of mistakes. Please tell us every mistake you find in the program or in this web site.
  • Schlabo 1 is completely free. You have the right to give a copy to everyone, as long you do not modify any of the files.
  • Tell us your oppinion! (If you don't like Schlabo, don't feel ashamed. You are only one among many).

Please click on "Download". This will copy S1I.ZIP onto your hard-disk. The file has 469 kB. Unpack it into a directory (i.e c:\S1, long filenames not supported by MS-DOS program) and run SETUP.EXE to adapt Schlabo 1 to the power of your computer.


To make Schlabo 1 compatible to the latest versions of Windows, Joystick-support had to be removed. If you are not using WinNT/2000/XP/newer, you can also download the previous version of Schlabo 1.

Download v1.1.5i - Not compatible to WinNT/2000/XP/newer, but with Joystick-support!

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