Welcome to the new home of Schlabo!

Many may have already heard of Schlabo 1 - Schlabo in Russia. It was and still is one of the most popular games ever. Who doesn't remember all those nights you stayed awake because you couldn't stop playing this addicting game?


Schlabo in Russia is perhaps the most exciting game you've ever seen. Rolling through the streets in the deepest Russia, you have to face dangerous visitors from outer space who want to occupy earth.
Are you good enough to save our planet from the dark plans of the aliens?


Roll through Streets full of Horror!

You are moving Schlabo with the left- and right-shift keys or the cursor keys. He has to keep on the street and looses energy if you drive like you were crazy. And the more levels you complete the narrower the street gets. So be careful and do not play when you are drunk.


Face the dangerous aliens directly!

Every five levels, a final enemy will appear. You have to fight against it eye to eye. Only if you are able to defeat the alien, you will see the winning movie and continue rescuing the world.


Experience the thrilling background story!

Like every great computer game, Schlabo 1 also features a background story. You will see how the whole problem begun and - if you win - how the aliens are destroyed. Schlabo contains nearly 180 seconds of full-motion videos in the size of your screen.


Learn more about Schlabo!

You have the power. With Schlabo-Anatomy you can now see how Schlabo works. It's the information you have always been waiting for.



Interested now?

Download your free copy now. No fees are required and you are allowed to give a copy to all your friends and enemies.

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